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Our Urban Homestead
Our Urban Homestead

We formed Seattle Homestead in April 2011 to chronicle our urban homesteading and gardening adventures at our new home in West Seattle.  Here’s the quick guide to the site:

Get to Know Us and What We’re Doing:

  1. Get To Know the Homestead: More information about our home, what we started with, and where it’s headed.
  2. Get To Know Us: Learn a bit more about us and our backgrounds.
  3. Year One: 2011 Homestead Goals: Our first post that details some of our bigger projects for the first year.
  4. Year Two: 2012 Homestead Goals – Building a huge earthbag wall, getting chickens, hardscaping, and more.
  5. Year Three: 2013 Homestead Goals – Finishing our huge earthbag wall, cleaning up the yard, getting plants installed, building front gate, and more.
  6. Year Four: 2014 Homestead Goals – We never got around to publishing this, but once again, finishing up the earthbag wall project was the major focus – and this time we pretty much did it!
  7.  Year Five: 2015 Homestead Goals – Coming soon!

Updates From Our Homestead:

  1. Spring 2011: Year 1 Fruit Order – We just purchased apples, blueberries, lingonberries, strawberries, raspberries, and a tea tree.
  2. Spring 2012: Baby Chicks Have Arrived, and Chicken Coop Construction Begins
  3. Summer 2012: Our Earthbag Wall & Earthbag Building Workshop – June 23/24
  4. September 2012: Video Tour: Earthbag Update and More
  5. December 2012: The Sunburst Front Gate Design <- This gate is completed as of fall 2014!

Urban Homesteading How-To Articles:

New posts will be added here as they come in.  Stayed tuned for how we made our 55-gallon drum fruit tree planters, how we’re using permaculture principles in our homestead design, and more!

Homesteading & Sustainability Articles:

  1. Read Douglas Bullock’s Fruit Tree Recommendations for Seattle.
  2. Seattle Solar Installations – We sat down and did a 30 minute Q&A with Amy from West Seattle Natural Energy, complete with podcast and transcript.
  3. Concerns With Urban Animal Slaughter – A recent Slate.com article does a terrible job of making an argument against urban animal slaughter. We discuss some more valid concerns.

How Can I Follow Along With Seattle Homestead?

The best ways to follow along with the site are to enter your email on the right side of any page to subscribe to updates from email, OR click the Facebook Like button at the top of the page to see updates in your Facebook feed.

We won’t spam you ever. We hate electronic junk mail as much as we hate normal junk mail.

Located in the Seattle Area?

If you’re in the Seattle area and interested in sustainability, permaculture, homesteading, and similar topics, I recommend bookmarking Jocelyn’s Seattle Sustainability Events calendar.

Also take a look at our Seattle Resources page, containing a number of local businesses that feature green or sustainable aspects, and our list of Chicken Laws Across Washington State.

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