Seattle Resources

Here’s a never-quite-complete list of the local businesses & organizations we support. Almost all of the businesses on this list support sustainability, organic practices, or other environmental issues we’re concerned about. There’s also a few listed that are just good local businesses that we like.

Please email or tweet or leave a facebook comment if you have business suggestions for us and we’ll add them here!

Homestead Materials:

  • West Seattle Tool Library – Tons of tools and you can rent them for free with a membership. A great place to send your tool donations.

Reuse & Salvage Stores:

  • Seattle Burlap – They sell burlap bags, and lots of them. Great for planters and putting your garden beds to rest and a billion other things.
  • Second Use – Reusable salvaged building materials and some home decor.
  • Habitat Restore


Sustainability Groups:


  • Seattle Tilth – Many gardening & homesteading classes for reasonable prices.
  • City Fruit – Gleaning non-profit that also has tons of great fruit classes – planting, trimming, training, harvesting, storing, etc.
  • Weekday on KUOW – Daily morning radio show hosted by Steve Scher from 9-11am on 94.9FM – frequent episodes on gardening & plants and specific to Seattle and the Northwest.
  • West Seattle Tool Library – Free tool rentals with a membership of just $40. They’re great about telling you how to use the tools and they often have classes for very affordable rates.
  • Garden Help Hotline – Got a garden question? Give them a call, it’s free to residents of King County.

Neighborhood Sustainability Groups:


Restaurants, Bars, Coffee Shops:

  • Chaco Canyon Cafe – University District & West Seattle – Pricier than your average lunch cafe, but it’s almost all organic and veggie/vegan food, and excellent quality.
  • Mashiko Restaurant (aka Sushi Whore) – West Seattle – Seattle’s first fully sustainable sushi restaurant.
  • Big Al Brewing – White Center – These guys installed the first solar-heated water array at a brewery during 2011, and they’re close to the homestead, and they brew up excellent beer every time.
  • Elliot Bay Brewing – West Seatte & Burien – Organic ingredients and locally made beer. Both locations serve food.

Grocery & CSA:

  • Magic Bean Farm – Seattle CSA – Farm located in West Seattle with CSA pickup locations in West Seattle, Queen Anne, and the U-District. They run through the growing season starting in approx. May or June.
  • West Seattle PCC – We shop at the West Seattle PCC for our organic supplies that we don’t grow ourselves. They’ve got the best prices on organic food in the area, and as much as I love the Sunday farmer’s market, PCC beats them on price in my opinion.

Health, Healing, and Fitness:


  • None yet – let us know of some!

Home & Yard Services:

Landscape Designers:
Tree Service:
  • Burien Tree Service – They’ve dropped off tons of excellent (and free) wood chips for us here at the Seattle Homestead.
Home Improvement, Remodeling, Inspections:
Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation:

Miscellaneous Services:


  • Can anyone recommend any good pet services with green attributes?


Business Services: