Homestead Updates

Here you’ll find all of the updates from our urban homestead: goals, current projects, and more. For more information read About the Homestead and About the Homesteaders.

The Sunburst Front Gate Design

It might seem that I’m getting a bit ahead of myself, talking about the front gate while still awhile away from completing the wall that sits next to the gate. But, I was stuck with inspiration over Thanksgiving while visiting our family in Boulder, CO. I came across an incredibly cool footbridge in the town […]

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2013 Homestead Goals & 2012 Year in Review

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Hello everyone! It’s been a very busy summer and fall, and I’m a bit ashamed that this is only my second post since we began the earthbag wall project in June. For those of you that are new to Seattle Homestead, we do an annual post that reviews the past year’s accomplishments and lays out […]

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September 2012 Video Tour: Earthbag Update and More

It’s been a while since I’ve had time to update the site. At this point, I think the quickest way to get you all up to speed is to give you a video tour of the homestead and show you what we’ve been working on all summer long. Take a look: I give a better […]

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Our Earthbag Wall Workshop & Contest

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I’ve mentioned our upcoming wall project a few times on this site. Above is the mockup and overhead drawing of what we’re going to be building in 3 weeks. All of the terracotta-colored wall in that diagram is specifically what we’ll be building. You can click here to take a look at the full-size wall […]

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2012 Homestead Goals & 2011 Year in Review

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Photo: Front yard is coming together as the retaining wall takes shape, and most of the yard is sheet-mulched. The bushes are on their way out and so is the chain-link fence, in order to make way for the garden wall. The new year is here and we’re approaching one year of living here at […]

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Early June Homestead Photos

Water Droplets on Spinach

We took some photos during early June of how things are doing in the garden. We got a late start on planting, so typically you’d see a little more activity from most of these plants by now, but they’ll catch up during June. Click on any image to see the larger version: All photos by […]

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Seattle Homestead Goals for Year 1

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We have a huge list of things we’d like to accomplish here at the homestead, but to keep things in perspective I’m creating a list of project goals for 2011. Take Care of Zone Zero – I’m going to have more information on the permaculture concept of zones soon, but for now a quick link […]

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